About Kris

Kris Kremers missing froom Boquete Panama

Kris Kremers missing from Boquete Panama Copyright: Fam. Kremers

Aspiring and full of initiative

21 year old Kris has an ‘open’ personality, is smart and socially aware of what is happening around her. She’s the middle sister of brothers Sjors and Tijn, and daughter of Hans Kremers and Roelie Grit. The artistic world fascinates Kris immensely. She graduated in Cultural Social Education specializing in Art Education. In September, she starts her follow-up study of Art History in Amsterdam. For years she performed on stage with great passion. She has a wonderful talent for the spoken word. Brother Sjors has a loving memory of a special museum visit with the family. Kris told her brothers background stories regarding the paintings they viewed. Despite Tijn and Sjors not having a lot of interest in art, they were fascinated by the stories Kris narrated. Kris loves socializing and enjoys a good conversation as well as some good solid music. She likes to listen for example to Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers .

Creative and responsible

In addition to this creative joyful side of Kris, she has a strong sense of responsibility. She wants to create meaning. She saved-up for over 6 months for the trip to Panama, just like Lisanne. They both wanted to plan a special trip, not just a simple vacation. They were both eager to learn the Spanish language and do something of significance for the locals. They chose volunteering and in particular helping the children, the little-lest and cutest of all, toddlers. They came to help the people of Panama and to learn from them.

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