Search for answers regarding fate Kris and Lisanne continues

Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in News, Press Release

Press release

Search for answers regarding fate Kris and Lisanne continues

Amersfoort – July 1st, 2014 – Both families are currently preparing the continuation  of the search to Kris and Lisanne. Too many questions remain unanswered for the families to find peace of mind. Too little has been uncovered from Kris and Lisanne to give up the search or to be able to say their farewells. Last week has been extremely emotional and it is very difficult to continue from where we left off. After well considering all things concerned, the answer is clear:

“We will continue the search until it is clear to us what happened to Lisanne and Kris”

We will focus our attention on two different aspects of the search. What exactly happened to Kris and Lisanne and what can we recover from them?

True facts

We want to figure out what exactly happened to them and whether third parties have been involved. The official investigation regarding useful data on the phones and the camera has not yet been finalized. When this is completed, we might be able to say more about what happened and how further investigation will be useful. As indicated by the prosecutor in Panama; Betzaida Pittí, the search will continue as soon as the weather allows it to do so in order to get answers to the many unanswered questions. We are pleased with the help that the Dutch authorities have offered us to get clarity as soon as possible regarding the exact circumstances how Kris and Lisanne went missing.

Everyone will have noticed that the place where things are found is very inhospitable and difficult to reach. We will not, in any way, allow the search teams to get into trouble or put their own lives at risk. Our responsibility in this matter is great. The weather in this area is a complicating factor. Therefore, careful planning with authorities in Panama remains important.


The parents of Kris and Lisanne want to express their gratitude to the many people who are showing their kind support, are signing the condolence registry, send cards and email us. “It‘s overwhelming to notice how so many people think of us in these times of trouble. It is touching to see that so many in Amersfoort and beyond express their sympathy.” The parents are considering organizing an event to reflect on this drastic event. As soon as there are more details to share regarding such an event we will post this on our website and communicate it via the media.

The parents want to thank the media that have helped to bring attention to the loss of Kris and Lisanne and kept doing so during the search. They will keep the media informed regarding future actions and results. They hope the attention from the media will continue until there is more clarity as to what happened. They invite the press to refrain from speculation and to stick to the facts.

Please contact the spokesperson of both families Froon and Kremers for any questions regarding this press release, Nikki van Passel +31 (0)6 300 430 40