First results DNA research confirm DNA from Lisanne Froon

Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in Lisanne Froon, News, Press Release

Press release

First results DNA research confirm DNA from Lisanne Froon.

Amersfoort – 23th of June 2014 – Both families of Kris and Lisanne want to share the fact that DNA research has proven a DNA match for Lisanne Froon regarding discoveries made in the riverbed in Panama. At this point in time, further research is being done and is not yet conclusive on a DNA match for Kris Kremers.

Ongoing investigation

We will announce any progress in the ongoing investigations as soon as possible. Furthermore, the search will be continued where both families are concerned.

Request for restraint

The families request the media to do their jobs with with some restraint and respect to prevent unnecessary grieve for families and loved ones.

The impact these developments have is tremendous. Families want to be left in peace to process the news and request anyone to take that into consideration.

Please contact the spokesperson of both families Froon and Kremers for any questions regarding this press release, Nikki van Passel +31 (0)6 300 430 40