Families ask to be left in peace and some retraint in media coverage

Posted by on Jun 20, 2014 in News, Press Release

Press Release

The Families of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon ask the media to be left in peace and some restrain in their publishing.

Amersfoort – 20th of June, 2014 -The families of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon announced today that DNA results may take longer than initially expected. Definitive results will probably not come back from the laboratory until after this weekend. After finding the backpack and other personal belongings from Lisanne and Kris, both families strongly hold into account that the discoveries made, actually are regarding both missing girls. Based on the the results and further investigation we will decide how to proceed. For now, we will let the ‘official’ channels do their job and we request the media to verify any information coming from their investigation with those agencies directly.

Shocking details

The last few days, families are being confronted with publications containing personal details, possibly from Kris and Lisanne however this can not be determined for a solid 100% at this point in time. Pictures and other details are very hard to bare, not just for both families but as well for friends and any other people involved in this case.

Request for restraint

The media has taken a great interest in this case during the months in which the families where searching for Kris and Lisanne and they have shown a lot of commitment which is greatly appreciated by both families. Families are aware of the fact that broadcasting news is inevitable. The families request the media to do their jobs with with some restraint and respect to prevent unnecessary grieve for families and loved ones.

Although at this time we cannot be sure that the discoveries involve Kris and Lisanne, the impact these developments have is big. Families want to be left in peace to process the news and request anyone to take that into consideration.

Please contact the spokesperson of both families Froon and Kremers for any questions following this press release, Nikki van Passel +31 (0)6 300 430 40