Large reward golden tip!

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in Foundation, News, Press Release

Foundation ‘Find Kris & Lisanne started to receive funding to set-up new actions

The Foundation “Find Kris and Lisanne” went live as of Friday, April 25th. As of that date, it is possible to transfer donations to account number: NL92INGB0006527919. Donations will enable their parents to develop new search opportunities and activities, so that they can finally embrace their daughters and get them back. Although both families are still very satisfied with the way in which the authorities are active in their case, it was decided to place large billboards in the area of the Panamanian city where the girls have been staying , hoping to draw more and retain attention to the disappearance case . Additionally, there’s a reward of US $30.000,- offered to anyone who should come forward with any concrete information. This is a substantial rise in the reward amounts, since the families are increasingly under the assumption there’s a possibility of criminal intent. This is in contrast to their initial thoughts that the two women may simply be lost. Additionally, local contacts are circulating new posters and flyers to motivate residents to continue the search. Through these actions, the parents hope that the golden tip will soon arrive, and that their daughters will be found. Finally, they emphasize that they are grateful for the involvement of everyone, and will make maximum use of the donations in order to accomplish the desired result.